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About Us

MA’RUF is a Muslim non-profit organization based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin dedicated to improving the quality of life among Milwaukee’s most disenfranchised and marginalized communities. Established in 2008 by a multi-disciplinary team of young professionals, MA’RUF has expanded nationally, inspiring hundreds of volunteers and community leaders to partake in its evidence-based programs—from fighting hunger and homelessness to building families by developing strong, successful role models in the most vulnerable communities.

MA'RUF (pronounced Maa-roof) means 'the greater or common good' and is referenced in the Quran as a collective duty to call society to enjoin in acts of goodness for the greater wellbeing of our world.


Elhadji Ba, Executive Director


Aamer Ahmed, President, Maruf


Shaheen Saiyed, Program Director


Bilal Arshad

Director of Building Operations

Our Team


Fardowsa Mohamed, Program Coordinator

Abdullah Akhtar, STEM Director


Aamer Ahmed, Maruf [Chairman]

Selemani Tuli, Maruf [Treasurer]

Elhadj Ba, Maruf

Isa Sadlon, MIDC

Sean Wilson, ACLU Wisconsin

Mir Basir, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin/ Children's Hospital

Sumayyah Clark, Milwaukee Dept of Health & Human Services

Rafat Arain, Crescent Academy

Will Perry, Ibrahim House/ MIDC



The Maruf Center Youth Council is designed to build youth role models in our neighborhood and community at large through self-reflection, empowerment and leadership. Our council partners with Mental Health America of Wisconsin.

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Many families lack the means to attain a college education, placing their children at a higher risk of continuing the cycle. Ma’ruf yearns to prepare young students in Milwaukee to be competitive in our changing economic landscape. Our program aims to create tangible visions through experiential learning, develop career pathways and coach youth through their finish line.


Our vision is to be the most sought-after community transformation model regionally through empowering youth and their families.


We believe that knowledge is power—but for our youth, knowledge that can be seen and touched is even more powerful. MA’RUF is seeking to transform the way we deliver knowledge to youth by creating tangible, practical pathways to reach their dreams. Our three-prong strategy was designed to build cohorts of youth role models:

1.Vision: Physically show career pathways. Establish life milestones including career goals. Craft a stepped action plan.

2.Experience: Provide experiential learning opportunities including job shadowing.

3.Coaching: Pair youth with young professionals in desired field to serve as mentors and coach through action plan.

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