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"Community Leaders looking for Solutions" 

"We need a plan to help Milwaukee"

"When we come together as a whole there are different things we can do to make the

community better."


"New youth center on Milwaukee's north side aims to change lives"

"So a lot of kids have visions. They have dreams, but they never reach those dreams because there's no one in their life to help them get from point A to point B, so we assign mentors to our youth here, life coaches, so to speak," he said.


"Milwaukee teens taking action amid growing gun violence problem." 

"Teen after teen spoke out at the Ma’Ruf Youth Innovation Center about the violence in the community and how it impacts their lives. For Zion Rogers, 15, the death of Quanita "Tay" Jackson this summer was the last straw."

Fighting Hunger

Food For the Homeless

Milwaukee Muslims make over 600 sandwiches for the homeless while fasting in Ramadan.

Fighting the heat

Muslims patrol Milwaukee on record Hot day 

Combating high temperatures is only possible through water.

Urban Milwaukee Journal

Teenagers, Community Leaders Plead for End to Violence

"Teens from across the city speak about the toil of gun violence during a forum at the Ma’ruf Center for Youth Innovation."

Wisconsin Muslim Journal 

"For years, an ACE hardware store sat on the corner of 2110 W. Hampton in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. When the owner looked to sell the building in 2017, proposals began flowing in."

"Ma’ruf opened its first chapter in Milwaukee in 2009. Several years ago, Ma’ruf decided to shift its focus to improving impoverished neighborhoods. As part of this effort, members planted the Barakah Gardens near 6th Street and Layton Avenue, assisted refugees and cleaned up neighborhood streets."