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Inspiring Stories

"For years, an ACE hardware store sat on the corner of 2110 W. Hampton in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. When the owner looked to sell the building in 2017, proposals began flowing in."

"Ma’ruf opened its first chapter in Milwaukee in 2009. Several years ago, Ma’ruf decided to shift its focus to improving impoverished neighborhoods. As part of this effort, members planted the Barakah Gardens near 6th Street and Layton Avenue, assisted refugees and cleaned up neighborhood streets."

Teenagers, Community Leaders Plead for End to Violence

"Teens from across the city speak about the toil of gun violence during a forum at the Ma’ruf Center for Youth Innovation."

Milwaukee North Side Youth Center Brings Police and Neighborhood Youth Together for a Night of Tournaments

"On Friday, December 20th, the Maruf Center for Youth Innovation organizing Youth Day Mega Tournaments featuring competitive games aimed at bridging historical divides between neighborhood youth and law enforcement."

“These haircuts make a difference:” Members of Muslim group offer free haircuts to homeless in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- In the wake of unspeakable violence last week in San Bernardino, California -- in Milwaukee on Sunday, December 6th, a show of compassion. A Milwaukee Muslim group has been inspired by their faith to lift up others. They say in this effort, they're cutting away misconceptions.

It used to be an Ace Hardware store, and it almost became a liquor store. Now, it’s a place helping Milwaukee’s youth.

Ma'ruf Youth Center first opened in January on 21st Street and Hampton Avenue. "The children are suffering from single-parent households. There’s not much attention to their development," Ahmed said.

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